Friday, November 23, 2012

Guelaquetza in Koreatown

Mole, mole and more mole. I was told about this place by my friend, Alessandra Moctezuma. She knows her food. It's a very festive atmosphere with a huge interior of several large rooms, live band, and even a fountain room with video and light projections. I went with my kids who love mole so we were pretty happy when we opened up the menu. I highly recommend reservations. The place was packed and we ended up waiting for about a half hour. Great service, though. There were a lot of families, people on dates and some business groups. Everyone was having a good time.


Leigh Finestead said...

Wow this food looks to absolute die for, thanks so much for sharing. I just recently moved into koreatown apartments los angeles and I have been nothing if pleasantly surprised at how rich the culture is a fantastic the food is.

Ear Meal Webcast said...

Thanks Leigh, welcome to k-Town!!!!!