Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pipers in Koreatown

I hooked up with a friend yesterday who I hadn't seen in over a decade, costume designer Sybil Mosley, who introduced me to a long standing cafe in K-Town, Pipers. How have I never been here? It's located at 222 N Western Ave, LA CA 90004. Pipers has been open since 1964 and was originally more like an old school diner but recently has had a "face-lift" and looks more like a Norms. Sybil said she missed the large suit of armor (there's still a smaller suit of armor) and the ancient ship steering wheel that hovered over the back dining room. The menu is fun. It's mostly a typical-ish American diner list but there's a small section of Korean inspired dishes. We were there for lunch but it occurred to me that breakfast would be equally a good time to eat there. It was Wednesday so I chose the Daily Special, Lasagna. Sybil got the Reuben. Later that evening, she text me that she had no desire for dinner, she was still full. The food here is like upscale cafeteria food, which I love. They have lots of parking in the back. I especially like the fact that they call Happy Hour, Crappy Hour. Fun stuff!

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