Monday, August 20, 2007

Hilltop Cafe SD

I finally made it to the 1:00 tour of the Taylor Guitar factory in El Cajon CA. I was early. The woman at the front desk recommended that I walk up the hill to the Hilltop Cafe, 1870 Cordell Ct, El Cajon CA 92020. I walked in this fairly non-descript cafe in this industrial park. I wasn't that hungry having driven in the heat for three hours from LA. BLT? those are usually pretty light, ok. I told the woman working there that I wasn't that hungry. Well, this sandwhich unlocked my appetite and I finished it in five minutes.

This was the best BLT I ever, EVER had! It came on a toasted marbleized french bread. The bacon was paper thin sliced cured ham with fresh vegetables. This made for a memorable experience.


LííZzá said...

if i see that i wanna eat it!

Collage Ensemble Inc. said...

It was like a fairytale.