Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Hamilton in DC

Sojin and I went to the National Art Gallery, which I was familiar with because of that DVD Kaoru let me borrow, Herb & Dorothy. If you haven't seen this film, you gotta see it. Anyway, Sojin's friend, curator Veronica Jackson, invited us to a talk at the Gallery (Museum) by Andy Goldsworthy, which was very fun and passionate. When we sat down for the talk, Veronica said she was starving, so two hours later, she must have been in emergency mode. We biked over to a place called The Hamilton, which they new as a department store back in the day but now it's a restaurant/ theater. Sojin and I ordered the brisket which is served on a bed of mac n cheese. The food was not exceptional but tasty. The place is posh and upscale and our server was odd in a way that verged on sarcastic? Veronica and Sojin said they always have a hard time with the waiters/ service but apparently they keep coming back. Is that a DC thing? I never return to places i have poor service.

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