Tuesday, November 5, 2013

La Biennal in Poblenou

The night before, at the Hangar art complex, I met artist Lucia Pizzani, a Venezuelan artist based in the UK. She invited me back the next day, gave me a tour the Hangar and with her family and friend, went out for lunch. They frequented La Biennal for their 10 euro lunch menu but because it was a national holiday the menu was 18 euros, to the dismay of everyone. Regardless, we sat down and ordered. My course consisted of a mediocre pasta fresco de carne a la napolitana (ravioli's), etrecot de terrea al gusto (veal and vegetables) that was really fantastic and tart al wisky. That whiskey tart blew me off the chart. It was so decadent and all the right textures and flavors you wished for and more. That was an amazing dessert.

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