Tuesday, November 5, 2013

la buena vida, poblenou, bcn

Much of my stay in the BCN has been a stream of connections, meeting one person and they introduce me to another person and then another person.... For instance, Rhett Beavers in LA has a former UCLA student from BCN who FB'd me and then introduced me to her friend Mireia. Mireia and I have gone out for meals, a tour of the Gracia area, she gave me a phone she wasn't using so i didn't have to buy one and she introduced me to two superwomen, Anna and Mercedes. Anna and Mer gave me a tour of the Rambla de Poblenou and we had a lovely time meeting her friends. It really felt like a small town. Lot's of people were out, kids, seniors, there were little farmer markets. It was really great. At the end of the evening, we met their friends at la buena vida. I ordered a Rooblas tea and we had a great conversation in English, Catalan, Spanish and Italian.

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