Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cuina Restaurant Lin, Poble Nou BCN

P Knitty introduced me to her BCN friend Carla Prado, who then introduced me to her step-son Joan Antúnez who happens to be a sound engineer and filmmaker. Joan is working on a documentary of his old job locale, Sonoblok, the legendary sound studio for the Spanish film industry. Since the economy tanked, the industry has taken a nose dive and so Sonoblok closed it's doors earlier this year. Fortunately, Joan was able to get us in adn I got a full tour of what's left. Inside, a job was being done; folly work on a new motion picture but the other 20+ studios? empty. I also got to meet Joan's mentor, Ferran, veteran folly artist, Jose Manuel, tech Oriol and Bernard the owner. Since the close of Sonoblok, a lot of the local businesses will be closing as well. We ate at one that has been hard hit by Sonoblok's closure but is still open, Cuina Restaurant Lin, Poble Nou BCN. The food wasn't great but decent. I guess when you're swamped on a gig, you just need the food to be fast. The Chinese run cafe was cool, with the multi-generational family scattered inside the shop including a little preschooler and his grandfather. What an incredible witness to an industry on it's downturn.

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