Saturday, February 7, 2015

Victor's Square Restaurant in Hollywood

I may have passed by this almost all my life and had never stepped in. I was recently speaking with artist Carl Stone about hamburgers in LA and he recommended Victor's Square Restaurant, 1917 N Bronson Ave LA CA 90068. As I entered, tiny red flags started popping up in my mind but I pushed myself. It felt a bit sad and dark in there. Once your eyes adjust, and your greeted with a smile, that all melts away. I ordered the mushroom burger and it was really awesome. The fries were so-so, steak fries. Nothing to write home about. The burger itself was delicious. It had that homemade aesthetic; imperfect almost crumbling patty, fresh tomatoes, bouncy lettuce. The bun tasted store bought though, but homemade burgers usually have that, so that's ok, I guess. I left invigorated for my trip to the Bay Area but before I hopped into my car and entered the Hollywood freeway, i stopped by this record shop i eyed on Franklin, around the corner. I ended up buying a couple of LP's including the best of Emmylou Harris.

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