Saturday, February 7, 2015

Salt and Straw on Larchmont

I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with composer Carl Stone a couple weeks back. We finally hooked up. Carl is based in Japan but he also has a home here in is hometown, LA. Carl was my teacher back in the 80's at Otis. It was he, Brian Mains (Otis Slide Librarian), and Roger Mattison (Aron Records), who really engaged me in the pursuit of experimental and avant-guard music listening. That was my trinity, if you will. Anyway, Carl and I have kept in touch and he has been continually supportive of my work and projects. We had a great lunch and then I suggested we get some dessert on Larchmont. I had heard so much of the new ice cream shop, Salt and Straw, 240 N Larchmont Blvd. We were both delighted at the selection and the quality. It hit the spot. Carl sampled quite a bit. I am more of a scan and attack person. I read the menu and the first one to jump off the page is what i order. i don't want samples that might mess with my experience with the ice cream I ordered. I also want to leave the other flavors for future discoveries. It's the same anal tranquility I get when I can squeeze a line of ketchup on each french fry when the ketchup is in that specific type of plastic bottle. (I know, I know)

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