Saturday, February 14, 2015

Veggie Pho Vietnamese Restaurant in Eagle Rock

Veggie Pho Vietnamese Restaurant, 1952 Colorado Blvd Eagle Rock CA 90041, has been there for a while but I finally got to visit it. I've been trying to navigate salt, eating less salt, asking servers to ask the chef to hold back on the salt. For the most part, they say yes but what gets served is still pretty salty. I suspect I may becoming more sensitive to salt so there's that? but even if the chef doesn't yes salt, the sauces and such are pre-made and they have salt. It's tough. BBQ Chicken Salad and a coconut juice. Coconut juice actually has a lot of salt so I may have to hold off on that. The chicken, market bought, is often brimmed so the chef has no chance to accommodating my request. It was delicious, though.

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