Monday, February 16, 2015

Arch Rock in Santa Barbara

It was the home stretch of my four night trip up PCH to and from to the Bay Area to see the Ai Wei Wei installations at Alcatraz. Familiar teritory = Santa Barbara. I walked around the State Street area and came across Arch Rock or Archrock. At first, it seemed a little too proper and corporate but they had a counter which i gravitated towards. I sat down, feeling a little under dressed. The place was packed and buzzing. I decided to try their fish dinner and asked the bartender what red he would recommend, which i took him up on his suggestion. The man was spot on, an absolutely delicious and not fussy at all red. Soon, two women came up and sat next to me. They were having a fun conversation and seemed to be business friends. Once my dinner came they woman sitting next to me striked up a conversation and made the rest of the evening quite pleasant. Her friend was on a business call throughout my dinner. Within an hour I was back on the road heading home.

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