Saturday, July 13, 2013

TRAXX at Union Station

TRAXX has been the long standing restaurant at Union Station. It's up scale and very delicious. The owner, I believe, once owned the old WallNBoyd off of San Pedro just South of 3rd Street. I really enjoyed that place too. It was more affordable than TRAXX and had these really cool miniature John Chamberlain sculptures. The owner of TRAXX is the daughter of the legendary public art consultant, the late Tamara Thomas, who I knew and highly respected. We weren't tight but I did meet her several times and she was always supportive and encouraging because back then I was flying by the seat of my pants. TRAXX hosted a meeting we had today of several public arts administrators from around SoCAl. I ordered the mussels which came in an olive oil butter sauce and were deliciously rich with a spicy red sauce. A long time ago, the aerosol artist Skept used to work here. When I passed by, we would always say hello to each other. Skept is the son of the great painter the late Mike Kanemitsu. OK, that's enough name dropping for tonight. TRAXX also has a bar across the way.

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