Tuesday, July 2, 2013

L's Kitchen in Santa Barbara

L's Kitchen is located off State near the beach or pier. The address is 121 W Yanonal, Santa Barbara CA 93101. it caught my eye because, 1) it was a cafe in sea of wine shops and 2) There was fine culinary flare about the signage above. Once you walk in, it's all KITCHEN. You order at the counter and there's a outdoor patio you can bring your food to. I ordered the daily special, the Salmon Taco Lunch Combo. I wasn't hungry enough to order dessert but it looked like they had some wonderful cakes in the display. The taco was dense and more like a wrap than a taco. It was good but probably would have been better if I was a fan of wraps. The service was awesome. I had the sense that I ordered the wrong thing. I probably should have ordered a sandwich for lunch. The meal was wonderful, spite my wrap prejudice.

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