Monday, July 1, 2013

Alchemy Arts in Santa Barbara CA

I drove up to SB to interview artist George LeGrady for Metro. The drive was relatively easy. The morning traffic, not too shabby, in fact, I got there early so I thought it would be nice to get a cup of coffee or tea. I vaguely remember seeing something on Haley over a year ago before a gig with Richard Wood. It was fairly easy to find but it was closed but next door was a very nice sort of Spanish Revival style building with the signage "Alchemy Arts". 35 W. Haley Street, Santa Barbara CA 93101, 805-899-8811. What's this? So, of course, I walked in. it's a health/spiritual center as in spa and massage but there's this little cafe in front. This place is LOVELY, I mean, beautiful exotic wood furniture, fab lighting, new age like music and a video loop of microscopic spiral like animation. I ordered off the tea menu, "Ayurvedic Elixir" (fresh lemon, ginger, raw honey and cayenne). I also order a light breakfast, "Poached egg w/ vegetable". Everything about this meal was incredible, trans-formative and completely put me in the "correct" mindset for the interview with George.

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