Monday, July 15, 2013

Ivy's Bridge in Tustin

My cousin Kurt Kirkey passed away last week. he was mountain bike riding with a friend, his bike malfunctioned and he went head first into a rock wall. Although the ambulance was there within the hour and rushed him to the hospital, he passed away shortly after. He was a cousin I did not know well. I basically saw him once a year at the family Christmas party. I actually learned a lot about him today at the service which took place at his church, Saddleback Church in Lake Forest. It was a very lively ceremony with at least five hundred people. It was standing room only in that huge building. He was 47. On my way back to work I got hungry so I pulled over and took the first exit. It was Tustin. I drove around and found the Old Tustin Downtown and decided to go to a place called Ivy's Bridge. The outside looked like an old fountain but when I walked in, I was shocked to find a small counter, odd mis-match of tables and chairs and the back half was a kind of new-age medicine health shop. The average age seemed to by 70. I felt out of place, like I'd walked into a retirement home by mistake. The servers were young and greeted me with a smile. i read over the menu which had some history of Mr. Ivy. looks like he was part of the red Cross during WWII and in the 60's opened up a juice place on the premises. This led to the restaurant/health clinic. There was an odd juxtaposition between the funeral of my 47 year old cousin ten minutes earlier and this neighborhood health center I found myself in. I ordered the soup of the day, "Skinny Soup", which was amazing; cabbage-based, full of flavor and well, healthy. I ordered the Nature's Mix Sandwich, the house special. This consisted of grated jack cheese, olives, sunflower seeds, mayo, alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers, tomato and lettuce on toasted rye. A very good and...healthy sandwich.

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