Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PHOever Yum in K-Town

What a cute name for a Pho place. This one is located at 425 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90020. My daughter picked me up at the Wilshire Western Station, so I treated her to dinner. It's hard not to have a bad meal with her. Father pride just makes everything taste better. We talked about her classes at PCC and the rigors of registering. It sounded a lot like the bureaucracy at my work, Metro. She's navigating through it and learning. She also gave me a summary of the new Monsters U movie, which she recently saw with her crew. Anyway, I ordered the house special. The pho was good, the beef delicious, the ingredients crispy fresh but the soup was a little salty for me. I think it would be perfect with beer, which I've been drinking less of lately. A little plug, I had just come from KCHUNG Radio in Chinatown. I was a guest on Kristy Baltezore's show, "Myrtle". We spun LP's, talked about music and food. It was quick one hour which I enjoyed immensely. The show should be in their archives at www.kchungradio.org It was a great day yesterday.

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