Monday, July 1, 2013

Cafe Demitasse in Little Tokyo

Touring Little Tokyo with artist Celia Ko Friday, we paid a visit to Q Pop and it was Doug Day so Doug Ito's Fan Club was gathered in the shop. Afterwards, we came across a coffee shop that looked enticing. Cafe Demitasse is located at 135 S San Pedro St, LA CA 90012, 213-613-9300. This is the San Pedro/ 2nd Street corner that leads you to the Space Shuttle sculpture commemorating Astronaut Onizuka and the 1986 Challenger disaster. We ordered the (siphon)Guatemala CHIXOT. Celia also ordered the mousse cake. CHIXOT, filled with the essence of pear, grapefruit peel and cocoa powder, this tea-like coffee was at first repellant but as we kept sipping it and eating small forkfuls of the mousse, it became addictive and delicious. it was one of the oddest eating experiences I have ever had. So as the evening was winding down, the barrista asked if we would want a sip of their hot chocolate. It was nearing closing time. This was also unique and exciting but in a very different direction. The sweet and bitter cocoa dancing in your mouth in its thick, soupy saturation was intense. Like pure evil, re-teaches why hell might be more fun than heaven because maybe heaven is boring and in hell they can roast the chilies.

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