Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wicked Kitchen Truck @ Paris Photo

The Paris Photo event this year was perhaps the best display of photography i have ever seen in my life. It took place throughout the backlots and monumental sound stages of Paramount Studios. My daughter and I perused the enormous displays, screening rooms and temporary galleries. I especially loved how they used the faux storefronts in the backlots as galleries. We went the evening of the opening and it was packed. Unfortunately at the end, along with over a hundred others, we waited for two hours to get our car back via the valet service. That's right, over 100 art folks, some dressed up in suits and gowns, waiting, endlessly for a staff of incompetent valets to retrieve cars that I found out later where parked in various lots around Paramount Studios. It was insane. But, even with that brain numbing conclusion, it did not put a dent in my enthusiasm for the exhibition. Back to the backlots. They had various food trucks parked throughout the make believe city street. We picked one called Wicked Kitchen. The aesthetic of this truck was fun, kind of a wacky thrift shop vibe. We ordered the Jambalaya and Marsala. Over all, watery-soupy. I suspect they made the overall taste to accommodate as many customers as possible; not too spicy, not too rich, not too substantial. It was like by playing it safe they completely sold out to a bland direction. It was really unfortunate but the exhibit was awesome. In hind-sight, I really appreciated that we ate during the exhibition because little did we know we would be waiting an hour for our car.

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