Saturday, May 11, 2013

Terroni on Beverly off of Fairfax

I bumped into LA artist Corey Newkirk several weeks ago and he reads my blog periodically. He said he really enjoys it when I mention my kids. When I say kids, of course, they are 19 and 21 so they aren't little but they will always be my kids. Anyway, Ken and I went to Terroni. Now, I have passed by this place many times. It's very near Erewon but hadn't had the opportunity. When Ken comes home, it's a great opportunity to try someplace new. The vibe is young-hipp-upperly-mobile. The servers are very good and attractive. The TV's were playing French films from the 60'. I ordered the Agnolotti Ne'. Thye were filled with butered beef, parmigiato and sage; amazing, delicate, rich, creamy and filling. My salad was the Ricchia Arugola with mushroom shavings, parmigiano, lemon and olive oil. Terroni is located at 7605 Beverly Blvd. LA CA 90036 (just north of the Grove)

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