Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rincon Chileno in Downtown LA-Angelino Heights

I had the pleasure of having dinner with artist Jennifer Moon a couple of weeks ago. I thought we were going to see Weba Garretson at the Ukraine Cultural Center on Melrose but it turned out the gig was at the Croatian Cultural Center in San Pedro. That's quite a difference. Lately, my mind has been slipping more than ever. I believe that's partially the life decline I'm on, I admit it. It may also be the result that i am constantly thinking about the three solo projects I'm working on , in addition to Ear Meal and Metro. Regardless, we had this amazing meal at Rincon Chileno, 4354 Melrose Ave LA CA 90029. The homemade sausages were delicious. I loved the bread they served, still hot from the oven. The food was excellent. What the heck took me so long to try this place? You can catch Jennifer on KCHUNG, Sunday nights at 7PM on her show, Adventures Within.

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