Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cafe Viva at the Museum of Latin American Art in the LBC

My friends Angelene, Wayne and I went on a bike ride from Little Tokyo to the LBC. We stopped at the Museum of Latin American Art and got lunch at their cafe, Cafe Viva, 644 Alamitos Ave, LB CA. I had heard the food was pretty good at Cafe Viva but never had an opportunity to try it out until this day. We were all pleasantly surprised at the quality, service and ambiance of this restaurant. They have an interior and exterior seating area and it looks like they have a canopy system on the days that ot gets hot. There was a little bit of what looked like mold on these canvas canopies, which was a little off putting. The woman who took our order is also a bicyclist, which of course warms our hearts. I ordered the Torta de Pollo con Mole and an ice Yerba Matte. The food was really good and i would love to order another meal again soon here.


John Chapman said...

Looks great on the fotos! I think it's tasty! I would like to try it

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It looks very tasty. I wanna to eat it.