Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sundowners in San Bernardino

Last week, Philip Mantione asked me to speak about my sound work to his Acoustics class at the Art Institute in San Bernardino. SB is far from K-Town. I guess I didn't realize how far till I looked on a map right when I was about to get in the car. I kept thinking about Frank Zappa and how he called it "Sanberdu". I got there faster than i thought i was going to take so I looked for a place to eat. In one of many mini-malls was a place that seemed to have more character than the other places, i.e. Subways, Panda, Del taco, pizza... What a colorful place the Sundowners Family Restaurant, 1131 South E Street,San Bernardion CA. I ordered the friedn chicken with a ice tea. It was really delicious, with that juicy oily inside, tender meat and flavorful fried crust.

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