Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yiannis Greek Restaurant in Claremont

A couple weeks back, I coordinated an event for artist Jessica Polzin McCoy in Claremont. It was an afternoon event celebrating her poster for Metro. 75 folks showed up. It was a hoot! Afterwards, Erina, Jessica and I went to celebrate with lunch at Yiannis. I ordered the lamb stew. WOW!!! That was delicious. The flavor of that stew was outstanding. i can still taste it in my memory. Jessica got the sampler plate. Everything is homemade here. i know that's obvious but it actually tastes like someone aunt made it in the back. IS there a big Greek community in Claremont? Why would they have such an authentic place like this? remarkable! Yiannis Greek Restaurant is located at 238 Yale Ave Claremont CA 91711, a block down from the folk music shop owned by Ben Harper. OK, that's enough name dropping.

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