Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cafe Gratitude in Venice

Our dear friend Jihyoung was recently cleared of her cancer and we celebrated with her recently at (appropriately) Cafe Gratitude, 512 Rose Ave Venice CA 90291. Cancer. What a horrible disease but it seems like more and more folks I know are being diagnosed with it. Hearing about the treatment, I am amazed at the advancement that has been made in it's treatment. I ordered the kale-based drink called "I Am Healthy", the "I Am Adventurous" which is the raw soup and the "I Am Warm and Heartfelt" which is grilled polenta and ricotta cashew dish. It was all fantastic! I'd been to the one near my house on Larchmont but this one had a very different vibe inside. There were three birthdays being celebrated so there was a consistent singing of anything but the Happy Birthday song. it was nice to make new friends and I had some great conversation but most of all, it was awesome to see a friend healthy again.

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