Saturday, June 15, 2013

Juicy Lucy in Downtown LA

Yesterday was an amazing day at work, Noam experienced his third child's birth, Becky's brother back in Arkansas had their first child and we celebrated Angelene and Michele's Birthday. It was a unusually celebratory work day, a great way to start the weekend. About twenty of us went to the 7th Street Marketplace, or whatever they call it now for lunch. The whole place is re-vamped and they now have a Target. The food court downstairs has a host of excellent cafe's. Angelene and I opted for Juicy Lucy's. I ordered the Wolf Mother. What a name for a burger. This one has blue cheese in it. They are juicy. The fries where incredible. I haven't had steak fries like that in very long time. I laso enjoyed my watermelon fresco. There's also an Indoan place that looks good and soon to come, Loterria (like the one at the Farmer's Market).

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