Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Frame in West LA

Located in a former iHop International House of Pancakes, A Frame is a wonderful mix of Asian and Western aesthetics with fresh ingredients i.e. local and a fantastic staff; pro, attractive and kind. I hit the place right when it opened for dinner yesterday at 5PM so it wasn't the rush that I am sure A frame is energized with at night. I ordered the Island Farmer Market Salad with shaved Maui onions, tofu, sliced fried garlic, strawberries (picked locally) with splashes of ginger shoyu vinaigrette. DEEEElicious!!! Man, that was a great salad; refreshing, crunchy and full of deep flavor. I love sliced fried garlic. I followed that with the Cracklin Beer Can Chicken with kimchee, a sliced Century Egg and a rojo & verde salsa. That rojo was smokey! The Century Egg was more like a decade but it was tasty. I thought this was going to be fried chicken so I mis-heard during the order. This was healthier but my mind couldn't get over that hump. I attacked the bird anyway and it was gone. Tasty skin but the bird was a little under-cooked in some parts but I figured that helped me not over eat, which is often my challenge. A Frame is located at 12565 Washington Blvd. LA CA many blocks west of the 405 Freeway but not as far as Costco.

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