Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paul's Kitchen in the Produce District

This the 900th entry!!!!!! Paul's Kitchen, 1012 S San Pedro St, LA CA 90015, is an LA Institution. I hadn't been there for lunch for a number of years and was so happy to see it still there, in that same lot, with the parking lot and all that Dodger stuff over the counter. That whole area seems to have changed. A lot of new Garment District buildings and the Produce District stuff is being remolded. In the midst of all that redevelopment is this breath of history. I ordered the green beans and chashu lunch. The food here is always old school Chinese-American food and hot. I always sweat a lot when I eat here. To top it all off I got not one fortune cookie but two. oh yeah. That's the way they roll.

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