Friday, January 4, 2013

Chandare in Hollywood

February 14, 2014 Over a year later, I was at Chandare with my work mates. The food was much better and we had a dessert that was amazing, a fried mochi-like with coconut ice cream dish that was amazing. January 14, 2013 My son and I went to go see the new James Bond movie a couple of weeks ago and stopped by Chandare for a quick dinner. I hadn't been there in years, maybe a decade or more. Within that time, my kids and I have become much more adventurous in our food searches. Chandare tastes like Thai Food when it was first introduced to LA in the 1980's, sweet and smothered in sauce. Similar to early LA Chinese food. Since then, the City has exploded with authentic and hybrid cuisine and fewer places cater to the "let's smother everything in a sweet sauce so that these American's will like it" strategy. I was proud to hear my son say it first, "really sweet". Maybe if we both had a beer, it wouldn't have been so in your face sugary? The service is great and the interior is comfortable. There were big flat screens playing an NBA game which was nice. I love the location; Amoeba, Arclight, Urban Outfitters, Hennesy and Inglas. Chandare is located at 1511 North Cahuenga Blvd, LA CA 90028. Oh yes, next door is Groundworks. Oh, and the movie was really good but I don't think the 3D was necessary.

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