Monday, January 21, 2013

Blue Cow in Downtown LA

Blue Cow is a sit-down, upper scale second home of Mendocino Farms up at the Water Court off of Grand; 350 S Grand Ave. LA CA 90071, 213-621-2249. We went last week for some birthdays in the office and had a good time. Our server was a sweetie. She treated us well and the food came pretty quick, which our boss might have appreciated but they still complained that the whole office went out for lunch. oh well. I had the fried chicken sandwich, which was delicious. If you ever want a healthy fried chicken, this is your place because it is so drenched with coleslaw you really can't taste or enjoy and therefore not feel guilty for eating the fried chicken in the sandwich. I have to say, I wasn't that bummed, the sandwich was delicious. GINORMOUS french fries!!!!

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