Friday, January 4, 2013

Mixto in Silverlake

I love the design of this place; the paint scheme, the signage used, the hip new spin on Mexican favorites and an overall healthy aesthetic. I was in a big hurry, between meetings via car and hoped I could get a burrito to go, fast. The service was very nice. The server was really sweet and I decided to get the chicken burrito. I think if I ate it there, the salsa selection would have given be a different eating experience. I ate it on my was to a meeting so I think my focus was hampered. It was good but it tasted dry? It tasted healthy. It didn't have that late night snack feel. It felt more like a take out burrito from the salad section at Bristol Farms. Maybe it didn't have beans or something wet to carry it all together. Maybe I'm more of an east side mexican foodie or like the Burrito King style burrito. I'm not sure. It was a curious experience. Mixto is located at 2827 Hyperion Avenue Los Angeles CA 90027.

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