Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Susina Bakery and Cafe

Susina, 7122 Beverly Blvd.,LA CA 90036, 323-934-7900, 1/2 block west of La Brea, was touted to have an amazing cake by my friends Mona and David. "When you decide to go, call us and we'll drop what we're doing and meet you there, absolutely". It's nice to have a place where you're willing to go anytime and especially if it means turning a friend onto your secret treasurer.

Well, last night, quite late, artist Jeffery "Bud" Mohr and I decided to go to this "amazing" place. We couldn't get anyone on the phone who had been telling us about this place, no one to tell us what to order. we left several messages. So, we asked the server what is the most popular and second most popular cakes. We got the Bear, a chocolate mousse cake and the Berry Blossom, a three layer sponge cake with orange liquer and fresh berries. Luckily, Jeff is allergic to fresh berries. So I got the Berry Blossom all to myself. Susina's most popular cake!

This Berry Blossom was amazing. So moist and filled with sweet and tart tastes engulfed in this giddy liquer. WOW! If I was to imagine what it would be like to dine at a royal palace, this would be the cake that would make it into my fantasy.

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