Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Valerie at Grand Central Market

I love sitting at the counter. It's so nostalgic and communal. I like it better than a community table, although I like those as well. Valerie is located in Grand Central Market and has been opened for several months. Today's special was a tuna melt plate which included two slices of melt, sweet pickle, vegetables & blue cheese dip, and potato salad. The ingredients are super fresh and the flavor is just enough to be very delicious but nothing over the top, rather, this lunch transported me to a summers picnic. I couldn't resist the salty caramel croissant for lunch and they even ended the meal with a delicious chocolate chip cookie with sea salt. My goodness, I will go back because the chicken curry sandwich looked delicious and the chopped salad also looks incredible. Grand Central Market, 317 S Broadway #E3-4, LA CA 90013. If you call in a order you can take it out by dialing 213-621-2781. I was also thinking they should advertise their lunch to Hollywood Bowl subscribes. This would have made the perfect box meal for the Bowl.

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