Sunday, August 18, 2013

LYFE Kitchen in Culver City

Paradigm Shift. So painter Bryan Ida and I hooked up yesterday for lunch. I had been wanting to check out LYFE Kitchen, 9540 Washington Blvd, LA CA 90232. He heard that they were good and I had heard they were good so, hey, sounds good. On our way there Bryan says, "I think it's associated with McDonalds". Mann, I think that messed me up for the lunch because that's too big of a paradigm shift for me. The place is very cool in a non-descript IKEA kind of vernacular. It's got the hip clean and bright interior design so popular around town but the way the fast food counter with big menu spanning across was very mall fast food. BTW this is a natural food place. There's a shelf of herbs adjacent to the counter. I don't think they use these herbs. It's like interior design garnish. I ordered the Art's unfired chicken with brussels sprouts and butternut squash. I asked the staff, who's Art? And they said, "He's the guy who came up with the fried chicken". That was definitely a Wikipedia generation response. There's not much you can reply with after a statement like that. Amazing. My kale and banana smoothie was delicious. The chicken, well, this food here reminded me of the meal I had at the food court at LAX recently. This place reminds of that Twilight Zone, "Serve Man". You know the last scene when the protagonist is in the space ship and he is given that meal in Saran wrap?

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