Friday, August 2, 2013

Market on Holly in Pasadena

I had a meeting in Pasadena yesterday, which ended at lunch. I walked around the Memorial Park area and found The Market On Holly, 57 E Holly Street, Pasadena CA 91103. From the outside, it felt a little too much like a market i.e. Whole Foods or Bristol. I'm more interested in the one-off, mom & pop store, etc. I walked in and the vibe was good and the selection was fine, very fine, like Fine. There was a Salmon special for lunch, which I ordered with a kombucha, i couldn't resist the dog images on the label. The special came with a a chilled cooked salmon, salad and orzo side dish. Everything was full of flavor and super healthy. What blew me away was this house relish or chutney on the chilled salmon. it was primarily made with Chinese black bean, ginger and sugar. This condiment was really amazing and inspired me to try to make something similar with the figs that are growing like crazy in my backyard.

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