Friday, August 2, 2013

Mark Stambler and the California Homemade Food Act

Mark Stambler, it had been two decades since we last met, when he was my boss at the Social and Public Art Resource Center in Venice. Of course, I had been hearing about him on the radio about his initiative that got passed this year, the California Homemade Food Act. More info here: Our friend, painter Celia Ko, who also worked at SPARC but is now based in Hong Kong was in town and got us together. Of course, I documented the hook up for Cafelala. Mark has a wonderful brick oven in his backyard in Silver Lake and bakes amazing bread almost daily. He's going to start selling it at a farmers market in Old Towne Pasadena this month. The Pan le Van is 30% whole grain (Mark mills it himself right before he bakes), Artisan Bakers flour, sea salt and distilled water. It was hearty, dense with flavor but airy enough to consume more than one slice at a time. Actually, i pigged out and ate most of it. It is delicious but I'm sure my personal experience was enhanced by the fact that Mark baked it, we sat outside just yards away from the oven and we are so proud of him and the amazing work he's done.

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