Thursday, January 1, 2015

Graffiti Cafe on LA Brea

Graffiti Cafe is located at 180 South La Brea Ave LA CA 90034.Maybe on the hip side of the hipster hemisphere if not for anything for it's location. North of Wilshire, there's blocks and blocks of boutiques, shops and shops of shops. Walk in and G is white and black but not Mod. There's a batallion of black large origami paper crane above and folks and sitting here and there. I realize, this is like walking into the local bar as the stranger in the old Hollywood Western, were people scan you out of the corner of their eye. Who's this? and What's he doing here? But once you stand and line and meet the staff, that melts away. I met a super friendly woman in line who was a regular. The barristers were super cool. The coffee was wonderful. The pastries were a bit on the cold and old side of the day. They have a lot of parking that was completely full, that may be the biggest challenge.

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