Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bronzed Aussie in DTLA

I work with an Aussie, S Gray, and she was very happy to report that the pies at this new place were excellent Aussie pies and far superior to any American pie. Ha! Well, of course, you either never want to set foot at such a place after such a statement or your curiosity becomes heighten. I was the later. (or maybe a little of both). An excellent lamb pie. The coffee was pretty good and I enjoyed the service. For staff, all from Australia. There are so many pies on the menu, I need to return to continue my research. S Gray bakes often and between her goods and the Bronzed Aussie, I am sensing a trend of chunky, hearty and bulky crust. Not delicate for sure. The gravy is a kind of in your face assault of rich juicy goodness. The experience is a little like being teleported to the Land of down under or something really close to it. It's unique, perhaps authentic and filling.

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