Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cassel's Hamburger on 6th Street

Tuesday, we were working on a project and were driving through Koreatown when through the corner of my eye I caught it, a hip version of the Cassel's Hamburger joint. First, it was like seeing a ghost. They closed a number of years ago when they were on 6th but closer to Vermont. It was real. They are now located at Normandie and 6th St, 3600 W 6th Street LA CA 90020. The burger was very different but delicious. I forgot to ask them to put it on rye but they didn't ask which was interesting. The cream soda was made to order. The chocolate pie was absolutely delicious. What made me beam for joy, however, was the potato. It's basically a mashed potato with horseradish but it's so good. That tasted just like it did before they closed.

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