Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Paris Baguette on Western Ave in K Town

One day at Document, I was speaking with Kyuho and Grace about breakfast and Kyuho had mentioned that he had some baked goods from Paris Bakery that morning and that this was his favorite place. Now Grace said that it used to be incredible but now it's just very good. Then Sojung gave me some background on the place and , well, with all that information I had to go the next day. This is a chain but for some reason they told me that the one on Western was the best. I had a cream cheese danish, croissant and a mini garlic croissant. The mini garlic was my favorite. I think I'd go back? No one's beat Proof's croissant yet for me. It's fun to search for one, though. I do highly recommend that mini garlic croissant, that was outstanding.

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