Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Casa Choco Cafe on Pico Blvd

On Pico, as I have mentioned before, a steady birth of eateries continues and the newest one is Casa Choco Cafe, which is related to Casa Choco (which is also on Pico but east of Arlington). This is Casa Choco's sit-down restaurant, 5450 Pico Blvd LA CA 90019. The food is good but the future chocolate dessert menu is supposed to be incredible. They had just recently opened and didn't quite have the full menu going yet. While my daughter and I devoured our breakfast, the occasional customer would come in and get their coffee. So the place is a coffee shop with a full kitchen and chocolate dessert/bakery. My crab cake eggs benedict was nice. not too heavy, considering. I think maybe it was a "healthy" eggs benedict or maybe I was just wishful thinking? Not in any hurry to go back but I wouldn't say no to anyone offering to buy me breakfast. That abut sums it up.

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