Monday, October 27, 2014

Guatemalteca Bakery and Restaurant on Beverly near Normandie

I got to go see Olga Koumoundouros' Roundhouse Shines installation along the LA River this week. It's produced by Clockshop like that cool piece, Unfinished. It was awesome to a lot of artists I hadn't seen in a while like Sandra dela Loza, Cindy Herrera, Alan Tolfeson, and I saw Barry Markowitz, Susan Silton and Corey Fogel. I wanted to stop by Document on my way to the opening at Commonwealth and Council but was a little hungry. Right then, I saw a parking space off Beverly just above K Town and something told me to park there. I think it was spotlit by the street light pole. I walked around the corner onto Beverly and this beautiful blue neon sign called me over, Guatemalteca Bakery and Restaurant is located at 4032 W Beverly Blvd LA CA 90004. I walked in and I could feel the stares. I kinda like sticking out like a sore thumb and expressing joy for the meal to everyone's surprise. I just love it and that's what happened again here. I was definitely the only non-Latino in the house! My Spanish is very limited but I saw "Pollo en creme", and that sounded good to me. it turned out to be exactly what I was picturing. BINGO! It was so good, like home.

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