Monday, February 25, 2013

Los Anaya in West Adams

Adams, between Crenshaw and La Cienega is quite amazing. At first glance, it just seems like storefront after storefront of church's, party goods, industrial or manufacturer offices and empty rooms but if you slow down enough, there are magical places like Fai Do Do or the Grant Stills Art Center and this place, Los Anaya at 4651 West Adams Bl, LA CA 90016. A two room slightly up scale family Mexican place. I went on a weekday for lunch and the place was packed and there was a consistent stream of customers picking up their take outs. I sat down a small table in the midst of it all. There were families, businessmen in suits, couples, retired folk, young entrepreneurs, and me. I ordered the Fried Quesadilla with chorizo and the Chicken Taco combo. The food was delicious. i think they grill their chicken, which was full of spices and very tender.

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