Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hungry Nomad Truck at MOCA Geffen

LAst weekend was the LA Book Fair event at the MOCA Geffen. Wall to wall artist books, limited edition books, an entire room dedicated to zones, a performance space and KCHUNG Radio had their own room as well. I got so dizzy and disoriented after an hour and a half I had to walk out and walk around Little Tokyo to regain my balance. I thought eating something would be a good idea so I took advantage of the food trucks in the plaza outside the Geffen. I picked the Hungry Nomad Truck because it had a small line and I felt like a hungry nomad. Bleu Cheese Steak Sandwich and a orange Fanta. Wow!!! it was delicious. I was back! Went back into MOCA ad tackled another hour of browsing.