Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pink's on La Brea

It had been at least four years since my last trip to Pink's. It's not because I don't like Pink's or because I got some major heartburn last time. I love Pink's. My Mom used to bring my little brother and I there for an after school snack. This memory is circa 1976-79. Back then, it wasn't the mega-star hot dog place it is today. There was a family vibe back then and the lines were never really that long. They also had NEHI sodas, which I always got a kick out of. I didn't know of any other place that sold NEHI in Los Angeles. On the television show MASH, the character Radar loved grape NEHI and so that's what i always ordered with my chili dog. I later graduated to the Chicago which remains my favorite. Pictured here is the chili fries and Chicagoan. Pink's Famous Hot Dogs, 709 North La Brea Ave (off Melrose), LA CA 90039

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