Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Levon's Deli (Greg's Deli) Downtown LA

The last time I was out on 7th Street, I had noticed a bunch a places I hadn't yet been to so I went blindly for lunch and came across an interesting old school deli i had never noticed before. Great find! The exterior sign says Greg's Deli but the menu say's the place is called Levon's Deli. How can you not love this already? I ordered the Soujouk Sandwich with side Greek salad. The killer was the psychedelic funk pickled cabbage and cauliflower. The owner and very sweet server were very welcoming. I didn't ask any questions but tried to soak it all in without words. There was no "music" playing but the ambient sounds of some tragic soap opera in some language I couldn't understand. Was it Greek? (no), Armenian? was it a Middle Eastern language. I was lost between the multi-ethnic cyclone and reading Demers' "Listening Through The Noise". The soujouk, Armenian sausage, so filled with mysterious spices and history. I felt like I was plopped into a foreign country without a passport. That's a fun way to spend lunchtime.

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