Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Giamela's is located at 3178 Los Feliz across the street from the Los Feliz Par 3 Golf Course, 323-661-9444. There's another location in Sunland but I haven't been there yet. The sandwiches are old school, fresh and very filling. Today, I ordered the pastrami. They come wrapped in white butcher paper but when you unwrap them, the explode. it even comes with three layers of the paper to catch this explosion. it's very well designed.


Anonymous said...

Giamela's has been a landmark sub shop in LA for ages. They serve the best subs in LA. The pepper steak is the best. Matt Giamela puts his flavor into the food at Giamela's

Collage Ensemble Inc. said...

Oh, the pepper steak. I will try to remember to order that next time. Thanks!