Saturday, July 5, 2014

Salt Flat Cafe in Wendover Utah

Utah trip, out in Wendover Utah, to visit the CLUI sites, Sun Tunnels for Nancy Holts memorial and a short morning visit to the Bonneville Flats. The Flats are the humongous desert like salt residue of a once upon a time lake. Since, the salt floor has been used for racing and speed records. The morning I went, I met these bikers from Nashville. Good folk, on a very cool trip. Some of them were riding around the flats and some were doing donuts. Anyway, along the road to the flats is the Salt Flats cafe. It's connected to a convenient store and gas station. I ordered the Huevos Rancho. Very delicious. Hikmet Loe and Phyllis Baldino also had breakfast. I loved hearing their stories about Nancy Holt. Awesome experience.

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