Monday, July 14, 2014

Antigua Organic Coffee and Tea in Lincoln Heights

A return to Antigua Organic Coffee and Tea at 3400 N Figueroa St LA CA, today. It was after a two hour oral history recording session with artist Jacqueline Alexander. It was a wonderful session. She told me about 7 decades of living as an artist/ writer, an amazing life of creativity. It's a focus I'm getting better at, recording oral histories. I do need to un-wind afterwards and Antigua lent the perfect afternoon setting and meal. I enjoyed a simple club called Club Maya with turkey meat and bacon. I ate it with an ice coffee and for dessert, a juice shake called Chango Mango. There was a drawing pad with pencil inside the cafe and attached to a light pole outside another drawing pad with pencil. There's also a large bike rack right in front. Interesting.

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