Monday, July 7, 2014

Chibiscus Asian Cafe & Restaurant in Hollywood

Tonight, I was able to have dinner with my son who stayed the night last night. It was fun hanging out with him today. We went to the El Segundo Museum of Contemporary Art to see an amazing graffiti art exhibit and to LACMA to see the Calder, Altoon and Soccer exhibit. My daughter did not join us which was a bit too bad but we hang out a lot so, oh well. For dinner, Ken said he wanted to eat ramen so I Yelp'd ramen and found a place near our house. I just wasn't in the mood to drive to Little Tokyo or Sawtelle. I found Chibiscus Asian Cafe & Restaurant in Hollywood, 7361 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046. It got a lot of stars so I figured that was a good sign. We walked into a familiar mini-mall near the music shops west of La Brea. All of the tables were taken but one, left for us. The service was great. I guess I was thinking the old school ramen shop but soon, as my soul adjusted, well, this place is just too cute for words. They had K-Pop on the digital screen switching from so cute boy bands to so cute girl bands. The quality of the video and the productions were actually impressive. Ken and I were giggling. It was like walking into an animae or something like that but every one was so wonderful and welcoming. We both ordered the house ramen, Chibiscus Tonkotsu Pork Ramen. We also shared a fried rice and for dessert, we shared the Bread Pudding but I think Ken had maybe two small bites. He's not really into cakes and such. The food is excellent. I mean, the chef really has orchestrated an amazing and unique adventurer into ramen eating. The fried rice was on the wet side with pork richness but a sweet after taste, much like the K-Pop playing on the wide screen. At first, it was a little shocking to me but it's just so good. The ramen comes in a broth of which I've never experienced before. The broth magically separated all ingredients while framing each ingredient. In other words, the base water, a filtered water, lays a clean foundation and everything, like a theatrical presentation where there's a stage and everything is spot lit in a fun choreographed work, can be tasted in it's own respect. The ramen also had a sweet after taste. It was uncharacteristically refreshing. I've never had ramen like this before. It was amazing. The Bread Pudding was also delicious and although it wasn't as sweet as I thought it might be, we couldn't finish it. I highly recommend this place. Oh, and the unsweetened Green and Jasmine Ice Tea was perfect. You get one refill and it's more than enough.

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