Monday, February 17, 2014

Gus Jr. Restaurant in Riverside

CSULB was at Cal Poly. I wasn't planning on going but I awoke from a late afternoon nap, looked at the calendar, saw the game was on and instantly got ready and left. I forgot how far Riverside was and was on the freeway for a good 90 minutes in traffic. I missed tip off but got there at decent time, considering. Beach won. it was a good game and always fun to see my son working in back of the bench. I was starving after the game so i drove around and decided to go to a fast food place I wasn't familiar with. Gus Jr. Restaurant is located at 1666 University Ave Riverside CA 92507. Well, it wasn't half bad. I got a bean and cheese burrito. I think there was lard in the beans, which made it tasty and when it's that late in the evening, i just want to quench the thirst for the drive home. All was good.

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